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Fancy bench

We bought a new piano yesterday, but it won't come until later this week or early next week. They sent us home with the bench; however, it is still in its box, yet to be assembled.

The box has been sitting in the living room. It is labeled "DIGITAL PIANO BENCH." The first time I looked at it, for some reason, my mind parsed it as (digital (piano bench)). As in, the bench was digital, and for a piano. Wow.

It's like the ice cream flavor, chocolate chip cookie dough. I've never been able to figure out if it's (chocolate chip (cookie dough (ice cream))) or (chocolate chip cookie dough (ice cream)). Frankly, I think with some brands, it's the former, and with others, it's the latter. Regardless, it's all good, except for Albertson's brand, which is disgusting.

Mmm, ice cream...

Ramsey's (terrible) Music Experience

No, thank you