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Blockbuster update

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably publicly announce that Blockbuster made amends by extending my free trial for another two weeks (which is now almost up). So I forgave them.

I still haven't received my precious movie, though.

And I will not recant my statement that Netflix is a superior DVD rental service. Blockbuster's new gimmick to compete with Netflix is that you can exchange a DVD envelope for a free rental in-store. Obviously, Netflix cannot reciprocate. However, that supposed benefit inspires the following damage:

1. The reason I'm signing up for an online DVD rental service is - get this - to rent DVDs online, from the comfort of my home. Not get into my car, drive to your scary store in a scary part of town, home of hitter-on-ers and parking-lot-dwelling transients, and browse through lots of disgusting DVDs to find the one I want.

2. When I turn in an envelope for a DVD at your store, I think you sit on it for a couple of days before mailing it in. That bothers me.

So thanks, Blockbuster, for trying to make it up to me. But Netflix is still better than you.


Have fun, or else!