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Strangers at the park

It's a sad commentary on our society that I am wary of any male hanging out by himself at the park.

We go to the park a few times a week, sometimes with other moms and sometimes as a family. I'm not so worried when I have Jeremy with us, but when it's just a bunch of young moms and their young children, I go into Mother Bear mode. The park our church mothers' group meets at is very pleasant, but it has the misfortune of being near a main road. As a result, lots of passers-by cut through it to use the toilet facilities.

So there are often random strangers hanging out near the play equipment, and it bothers me. But not enough to actually say anything to the "offender," because what, exactly, would I say? And therein lies the rub. I end up paying almost as much attention to them as I do to Miriam.

Apparently, it bothers one mom more than me, because the other day, she actually approached a solo male standing near the play equipment and asked him what his business there was. He had been standing there for some time and was obviously not accompanied by a child. We moms had whispered about him amongst ourselves when finally, this one mom went over and confronted him. He gave some story about waiting for a friend who was in the bathroom (we hadn't noticed anyone with him), but sure enough, about 15 minutes later, a lady came out of the bathroom and they walked off.

The thing is, it's a public park, and people are entitled to use it. Even lone males without children who may or may not have a nefarious purpose. So for Miriam and me, it will always be CONSTANT...VIGILANCE!

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