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Unanswered questions

We received a notice from our homeowners' association in the mail yesterday. I don't know who runs this thing, but they need a lesson on the proper way to draft a memorandum. Because after reading it, I had more questions than answers.

"The time is approaching for the 2007 Annual Meeting. At this time there are 2 vacancies on the Board.

Anyone interested in running for the Board, please notify [the HOA].

They will be placed on the annual ballot for voting. No nominations will be taken from the floor at the Annual meeting."

The questions raised by this brief memo include:

1. When, exactly, is the meeting? They don't tell us anything except that it is approaching.

2. And now that I think of it, since when has there even been an Annual Meeting? Is this the first one?

3. What are the responsibilities of being a member of the Board? I really have no idea, and I wish they had at least outlined the duties of the position briefly.

In their defense, we've only lived here for a year and a half, so maybe we're just new to this and everybody else knows everything already. In which case, I'm sorry for being so curious.

Maybe I'll run for the board and get put in charge of writing stuff like this.

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