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Costco to the rescue

Yesterday, Costco saved us from making an imprudent marriage. Not a marriage, actually, but a purchase.

We've been in the market for a few new pieces of luggage since returning from Jordan. All the international moves we've done have taken their toll on our soft-sided, semi-cheapo luggage from Target. We actually had to donate one of our biggest suitcases to DI after coming back from Jordan because Jeremy couldn't repair it any further. It was already held together primarily by some plastic ties and duct tape. It was a difficult decision, but it had to be made.

Note, however, that we are still the proud owners of an ancient hand-me-down suitcase, affectionately nicknamed "Old Yellow," that is probably older than I am. It always attracts lots of stares at baggage claim because it is hideous and gigantic. But it is also indestructible (except for the handle, which broke off upon arrival at the Portland airport when we were flying back from Damascus. Which meant that my poor dad had to wrassle what was essentially a 50-pound, awkwardly shaped, gripless box all the way to the car).

Anyway, we went to a Samsonite outlet store at the mall yesterday to take a look at their hardside luggage. They had four tiers of quality, the lowest resembling large, rollable, thick plastic Tupperwares. The 31-inch model was $150, which seemed kind of expensive to me (for what was, again, essentially a giant Tupperware). But it was the lowest price we'd seen, and we were seriously considering buying one.

It was getting late, and Miriam had devolved into a past-bedtime state of running around the mall barefoot, so we decided to postpone the purchase until another day.

On the way home, we stopped by Costco briefly to get gas and some milk. While inside, we decided to check their luggage aisle. They always have Kirkland brand soft-sided suitcases, but we thought that maybe they'd have something else worth looking at.

And what did we find, but exactly what we needed! They were selling a 2-piece hardside luggage set for less than $100. And they were nicer suitcases than the Samsonite Tupperwares! So we bought them and are exceedingly pleased. They even have those nifty TSA-accessible locks (which kind of bewilder me, because if I'm worried about anyone stealing from my luggage, it's TSA. Just ask my friend who had a laptop computer stolen during a TSA inspection).

So thank you, Costco, for saving the day. It's not the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

O ya Saudi! O ya Saudi!

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