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I usually love those internet quizzes. But today I came across one and was disturbed by the results. So I want other people to take it and get a similar result so I know I'm not the only one who's doomed.

There are four lengths of the test: you can take a short quiz, short-medium, medium, or long one. The accuracy of your results increases with the length of the quiz. Of course, we are talking about a random internet quiz, so I'm not exactly sure where accuracy comes in.

Anyway, I started with the short-medium one and got:

You know me - always killing my enemies when I get stressed out!

Needless to say, I immediately went back and chose the longest one. There was no way I was letting that result stand.

For the most comprehensive quiz, my result was:

Hmm. An improvement to be sure, but not exactly the image I was going for. A "social chameleon?" Is that a good thing?

Sadly, things did not get better. I went back and took the short quiz and the medium quiz and got Hitler again for both. I think the trigger question was "I tend to be paranoid regarding my physical safety or the physical safety of others."

Anyone who reads this blog can testify to that.

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