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Postponing the inevitable

A few weeks ago, I made a decision that relieved a lot of stress and helped me feel more excited about life in general and the Christmas season specifically: we're going to wait until after the holidays are over to potty train Miriam.

I sat down and thought about it and realized that all the pressure I was feeling to potty train Miriam was external: she turned 2 in September, so time is "running out"; a few of my friends' kids were trained before then; comments from (well meaning?) relatives, etc.

All this night not have been a big deal except that Miriam has zero interest in the potty and actually has a rather strong aversion to it. Also, I am basically without a husband (to help do the job) until December 12th (the day after his oral examinations), and I am just barely feeling better from having my tonsils removed.

Are these excuses? Certainly. But they are valid ones nonetheless.

It seems like we're always having to schedule these important milestones around other life events. First, there was her birth: Syria or America? Should we move her to a crib before or after we go to or come home from Jordan (the first time)? How about weaning (going to or coming home from Jordan, the second time)? And the list goes on.

Potty training: before or after Christmas? The answer looks like it's going to be: after!

The truest thing she's ever said

A great, big Wilhelm scream