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My brother, the extra: way more attention than he expected (Twilight movie experience)

Remember when my brother did us all a favor and shared a nonchalant account of his time as an extra on the movie of Twilight?

Today, in one of those strange internet mysteries, that post was linked to from fansites all over the world. Message boards, actor webpages, facebook/myspace interest groups (which I won't pretend to understand), and independent book/movie fansites all linked right here to My Adventures in Tucson. The day isn't quite over yet and I've had over 7,000 visits, just to that post.

Some of the originating webpages have room for comments on the post. The vast, vast majority of people who read it enjoyed it for what it was - the account of a 15-year-old extra on the movie set. A few called the photo "creepy," which I don't really understand. Unless by "creepy," they mean "out of focus because it was taken by a cell phone camera, after all." Still others have said they plan to make new, elaborate avatars using the image (and there are some incredibly elaborate avatars for fansite message boards out there, some of them animated).

My favorite comments (of the .01% that I sifted through - heaven forbid my husband should walk in the room while I appear to be browsing a site called "Twilight Extremists" or "His Golden Eyes") were the ones that called attention to my brother's description of Emmett being "tall," and also how he referred to the actors by their characters' names. Those were my favorite parts of his account as well.

The whole thing came full circle today when my own sister-in-law wrote me an email saying she stumbled across a link to my blog on a Twilight-associated site.

Anyway, my poor brother is a bit overwhelmed and embarrassed by all the attention because he never thought more than a few dozen people would read it.

So I'll say here, in public: Thanks for sharing, Steven, and for writing something that has brought so many people so much enjoyment!

Also, thanks to Jenny from - of all the dozens of sites that linked to this blog and used the photo on their own page, she was the only one who asked for permission to do so.


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