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Jeremy's Breaking Dawn predictions

Breaking Dawn comes out on Saturday, as you may or may not be aware. We were at the Vermont Bookshop here in Middlebury last week and I casually asked if they were going to stock Breaking Dawn on the day of its release. The clerk said something like, "of course!" and then asked if I wanted to reserve a copy. But at that moment, she was distracted by another customer, who was actually in line, and meanwhile, I was distracted by Miriam running off to the children's section. So we never reserved a copy.

I didn't think it was a big deal, though. How many people in Middlebury could possibly be planning to buy Breaking Dawn on the day of its release?

Apparently, enough to have there be no copies left to reserve as of this morning when I went back to the bookstore to take care of that item of unfinished business. And I hadn't even been planning to reserve a copy at all, except that Jeremy told me it might be good idea since for all we knew, the ladies of the French School (or whatever) were planning to descend on the shop first thing Saturday morning.

I tried to play the pregnancy card (one of my last chances, for sure) and say that I was racing the clock to finish the book before the baby is born, but if all the copies are reserved, they're reserved. The best the employees could do for me was put me down for a copy and hopefully the extra box of books they'd ordered would come in on Saturday as well. I guess we'll see.

In the meantime, here are Jeremy's predictions for Breaking Dawn. There might be some spoilers in here if you haven't read the other books.

Jeremy's Breaking Dawn Predictions

1) Jacob imprints on some other girl - of course.

2) There is a final showdown with the Volturi leaders in which the werewolves help the good vampires.

3) Edward gets taken by the Volturi and the only way for Bella to save him is to become a vampire herself because she is immune to the talents of other vampires. She undertakes a dramatic rescue in Italy...or some other European country.

Things I am not as certain about:

4) The werewolves are eventually no longer needed and therefore the gene goes into recession - at the end of the book.

5) Bella gets cold feet and wants to have a baby before becoming a vampire.

Enjoy your last day of being able to look forward to a new, unread Twilight book!

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