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If only I were making this up

Today, while waiting in my car at a red light, I witnessed a woman walking in the crosswalk while (in increasing order of unbelievability) talking on a cell phone, smoking a cigarette, lugging along her baby in one of those carseat tupperwares, almost getting hit by a car, and then flipping that driver off while screaming obscenities at him.

When I replay the memory in my mind (*shudder*), I still can't picture exactly which hand it was that gave the driver the bird. And yet, I know it happened because my jaw about hit the floor of my car when I saw it. I think she had her cell phone tucked between her ear and her shoulder, which would have left her non-cigarette-smoking hand free to make the gesture, even if the elbow of said arm was engaged in holding the carseat. And they say we moms can't multi-task!

Now let us never speak of this incident again, except possibly in the comments section. Thank you.

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