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Is the Tempe IKEA evil?

Do any of you have Google Analytics or a similar tracking program running on your blog, and if so, do you ever actually look at the information it collects? (Andrew and Nancy, I already know your answer to that question.) I rarely check out the stats for this blog, but this post by Ken Jennings, and this one by Miss Nemesis ("handcart" mormon frozen children utah stupid), inspired me to take a look at what kinds of crazy things people search for that lead them straight to My Adventures in Tucson. Some highlights from search term stats for the last few months:
  • "talk of the nation" & boring
  • 10 year old swimsuits
  • aw, fer cute
  • cute pink sparkly shoes
  • cute sparkly pink shoes
  • heckarooney
  • how i met your mother "welcome to the mall"
  • oct 14th alien transcript
  • pole dancing while pregnant (thanks for this one, Katie)
  • stay rich forever & ever, utah
  • wear my cousin's leotard
  • you look so young for your age annoying
  • come back to me is my request (this site is #1 on Google for this search term)
  • antique bathing suit
  • bat shaped sunglasses
  • politically correct term for eye boogers (politically correct?)
  • 60 ways to use salt (admit it - one of you forgot how to properly freshen your sponges)
  • automatic toilets at the tucson airport
  • black in sparkly dark pink jordans
  • costco blender guy
  • germy ball pits (????)
  • ikea "tempe" "evil"
If you do keep track of these things, take a look at your stats and share some of your crazy searches!

Welcome back to Tucson! Can you hold for an hour and a half?

Who needs real life anymore?