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So tired. So very, very tired.

These days, I'm having flashbacks to this post about sleep deprivation. Did anyone notice the mistake in that post? I talked about being on "day 45 of systematic sleep deprivation" when in reality, it was more like day 75 since Magdalena was 2.5 months old at the time, not 1.5. Self-illustrating commentary, I guess.

Lately it's been Miriam waking up at night that has pushed me over the edge into bleary-eyed oblivion. The other night, I went to bed early with the girls, hoping to get at least a few-hour block of sleep at once. Instead, I was woken up at midnight (by Magdalena), 1am (by Miriam), 3am (by Magdalena, and kept awake until 4.30am), 5am (by Miriam), 6am (by Magdalena), and finally up for the day at 7am (with Miriam). At this point, school districts should be paying me to go to high school gymnasiums across the country as an object lesson against teen pregnancy. Behold the sunken-in eyes! The messy hair! The spitup-stained clothing that she's been wearing since the day before yesterday, which is also the last time she showered! Yikes.

However, it appears that my destiny as an unkempt mom is not to speak to teenagers, but to appear in actual photographs of a college journalism student's exhibition. True story. The girls and I were on campus this morning admiring the clock tower while we waited for Jeremy to finish teaching his class. I was in full dishevelment mode, and the girls weren't looking too cute, either, on account of we left the house in a hurry early in the morning.

Imagine my joy when we were approached by a young female student with a camera. She explained that she was a photojournalism student doing a project on the theme "Women at Different Ages" and would we mind if she took some pictures of us?

So she took a dozen or so pictures of us three girls gazing up at the clock tower and then went on her way. I kind of hope none of them turn out so that nobody besides her ever has to see them.

Then again, maybe she was a scout for a high school gymnasium speaker program on teen pregnancy...

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