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On bathroom surprises and red-headed babies

At night, when the girls are asleep, it's like I could almost forget they exist. I say "almost," because then I walk into the bathroom and find this on the counter:

Yes, that is a stuffed pink pony shoved into the front seat of a toy airplane. Miriam added the butterfly stickers all by herself. Just another step in her plan to beautify the world.

In other news, since when is red hair on a baby girl an invitation for any and all strangers to comment on it? I can't quite figure out why everyone at the grocery store feels compelled to ask me if she's got a temper to match her hair, or if I think it will stay red as she grows up, or who in my family has red hair. I'm not trying to be ornery here - I always answer their questions to the best of my ability (no, yes, and no one on either side, at least not recently), but I'm honestly curious why they're so, well, curious.

Anyone out there with red hair or red-headed children, please share your wisdom with me. I never expected to have a red-haired baby so now that she's here, I could use some tips on how to be a proper member of the club.

As for that fiery temper that Magdalena doesn't seem to have, maybe it just manifests itself in the form of doing baby pushups. Check her out!

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