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Stuff I've done by myself

Since being in Idaho Falls and having the advantage of grandparents and aunts available to tend my children, here are some things I've been able to do BY MYSELF:

-go running, every single day, for as long as I want, unencumbered by the snack/nap/potty needs of my offspring. This is pure bliss.

-drive a car. And listen to talk radio while I'm doing it.

-go shopping, without having to haul two kids along with me into the dressing room.

-take a shower without a little munchkin or two sitting on the bath mat, observing me, or causing problems while I have shampoo in my eyes and am powerless to mediate.

-go to the bathroom. With the door closed and everything!

-eat a few meals. Not technically by myself, really, but without having to cut food into bites for Miriam.

Ah, sweet solitude. I don't know how I'm going to go back to real life this week. Sigh.

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