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Farewell, Provo

Our Provo Summer has been wonderful, but it's time to move on. If all goes according to plan, we're hitting the road today. Road Trip 2009: UT to NY (via AZ and CA) has begun. I made a mix CD and everything.

(The CA part - I don't think I ever mentioned it on this blog but the girls and I were in Southern California last week, which means that essentially we will have literally driven all the way across the country when all is said and done.)

This is your last chance to volunteer any I-80 highlights we may want to make a point of visiting.

I will be implementing many of the tips you readers provided me with way back when. I've fine-tuned a few of them, including:

-taking snacks out of noisy packaging ahead of time so that it doesn't wake up sleeping children.
-utilizing Costco as a rest stop because you can get gas, food, a bathroom, and a run-around break all at once.
-not kidding ourselves that whichever adult isn't driving will get to sit in the front passenger seat, ever. Backseat childcare wins, every time.

Here goes!

And here's a random list of things I'll miss about Provo:

-those zany "Do not walk here alone after dark..." signs painted in dripping-blood font near the JSB Ramp/Rape Hill on the BYU campus.
-the odd thrill of descending into Provo from Orem via University Parkway, complete with gorgeous view.
-Macey's. I love that place beyond all reason.
-fun, free, family-friendly, outdoor events on campus.
-our landlord's dog, Goldie.
-seeing EFY groups and snickering at them, and also thanking my lucky stars that I am not 15 anymore. Yeesh.
-the expanded beverage and frozen treats section at Costco.
-the Provo library.
-having family so close by.

The good thing is, I'm sure we'll be back for a visit someday. A place like Provo just stays in your blood. You can never sever ties completely, somehow. And I'm glad it's that way.

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