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HP6 Review

As promised, we saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yesterday.

It was awesome. I loved it. I loved it at least as much as I loved HP5, if not a little more.

It was also very funny. I laughed more during that movie than I have during some comedies.

That said, the finale was intense, masterfully handled, and very touching.

My favorite moments: Lavender breathing on the glass, everything involving Professor Slughorn, and the portrayal of the relationship between Dumbledore and Harry Potter.

There was one thing about the movie I didn't agree with, and that was its rating. I really think it should have been PG-13. A soft PG-13, but still. There was one moment in particular that should have given it an immediate, automatic PG-13 rating. I guess movie ratings are just more watered-down these days, beginning with Prince Caspian, which definitely should have been PG-13.

If you've seen HP6, what did you think?

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