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Impossible maze WIN

My mom sent Miriam a Curious George book yesterday. It came with a maze on the back. Miriam was really excited about it - she loves mazes beyond all reason and is quite good at them. I set her up with a pencil and the maze at the kitchen table and then left the room.

Only about 30 seconds had passed before I heard Miriam expressing frustration that she couldn't figure out the maze. I called to her from the other room and told her it was a pretty hard one and it might take her a few extra tries. I could still hear her complaining, though, so finally I went in to see what all the fuss was about.

My friends, take a look at the maze my 4.5-year-old was trying to solve:

Impossible maze WIN.

(Go ahead, click to enlarge.)

(And I would expect this kind of thing from a book purchased at Ross, but Powell's Books?!?)

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