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Three different ad campaigns, same objective. Who wins?

When we lived in Syria, there was a billboard around the corner from our apartment:

It was part of an ad campaign geared toward educating people that for safety reasons, small children belonged in the backseat, not the lap of someone in the front seat.

When we lived in Jordan, there was a billboard (that I unfortunately do not have a picture of) informing passers-by that every seven seconds, someone in Jordan died as a result of a traffic accident. I think its message was two-pronged: wear your seatbelt and don't drive like a maniac.

Earlier today I came across this video (as did anyone who reads OSC):

I think all of the above campaigns are effective and successful in their own ways. I also think Sussex County wins, hands down.

Have you ever seen a better commercial, anywhere, for anything?

(And I include the set of Laurel Lane commercials as well as this one in that assessment.)

Words pronounced incorrectly by me

Who needs sleep? Apparently, not my kids.