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Who needs sleep? Apparently, not my kids.

I've always thought it was a cruel joke for God to play on me to have sent us not one but TWO children who hate to sleep. I love my sleep. I am not good at staying awake when I am very tired. I appreciate the beauty of an unbroken night's rest. I sleep best when I know I won't be troubled by any interruptions. I am not a morning person. I'm sure you can see how all this is a problem once you have kids. Once you have MY kids, at least.

Both my girls hate sleep, even though they have had very different sleep temperaments (variations on the hate sleep theme) and I've dealt with their sleep problems in different ways. And yet the result has been the same: both Miriam and Magdalena didn't sleep through the night until they were almost exactly 18 months old.

Here are the facts for your analysis (get your righteous parental judgment handy):

Subject A: Nursing: I nursed Miriam to sleep every time, all the time. This came about because of a nursing strike she went on at about 3 months old where she would only nurse when half-asleep. It wasn't long before she wouldn't fall asleep any other way. She never took a bottle, either, so I'll give you one guess who was in charge of all these feedings. Naps: She gave up her morning nap when she was about 10 months old, and her afternoon nap seldom lasted longer than 90 minutes. She gave up napping entirely shortly after she turned two. Nighttime: When she was one year old, she was still nursing FOUR times during the night. We did a modified cry-it-out and got her down to one nursing session which she kept up until she was 18 months old. Then she slept through the night, at long last (except for all those times she still doesn't. You know how it goes).

Subject B: Nursing: I never nursed Magdalena to sleep, not once, not ever (see above for the reason why). She learned to put herself to sleep at a very early age (thank you, Woombie!). I was strict beyond all reason about separating nursing from sleeping. Naps: Still, she gave up her morning nap at around 10 months, though her afternoon nap is sometimes closer to two hours instead of just 90 minutes. Nighttime: Happily, she was only nursing once during the night at a year old. But even after I weaned her at 14 months, she still woke up once or twice every night. It wasn't until last month that she started to consistently sleep through the night.

I even checked the dates each girl started sleeping through the night and they were within a week of being the same age, despite all the differences in their temperaments and sleep training.

Do any of your kids hate sleep? How do you deal with it? Do any of you parents with sleep-loving children want to brag for a minute? Do you think there's any validity in my almost-theory that people who have children close together (on purpose) also tend to have children who sleep through the night at an early age?

Three different ad campaigns, same objective. Who wins?