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Live-blogging the Purge

OK, not really live-blogging, but here are a bunch of pictures. I was impressed with how early they got going, though they're not done yet. So far, they've collected the junk into piles in the front and back of each building. Some of the piles have already been hauled away (in a van, in case you were wondering).

This is the pile in front of our building. Not too bad of a turnout.

I hope nobody misses their huge piece of wood! How would you even tag that if you wanted to?

That single detached training wheel just had to go.

This futon frame is INDESTRUCTIBLE. It sat outside through all kinds of weather and came through without a scratch. Too bad it did not survive this purge.

Here come the bikes. Piles and piles of bikes. I didn't even take pictures of all of them.

Do you see what I see? YES, that is the hantavirus kitchen and the mystery activity table. I am so excited to see them go. This was my favorite pile, by far.

This was the saddest pile, by far. Really, building? A few carpet squares and a de-potted plant is all you could come up with??

Goodbye, freaky pole-trike!


The few, the lucky, the tagged:
These toys look so chipper and wholesome compared to all their trashy counterparts.

I think we can confidently declare the Great Apartment Complex Toy Purge a success!

Sorting foreign coins

The Virgin Mary has been tagged