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Go West, Day 5 (Laramie to Lehi)

Day 5: Laramie, Wyoming to Lehi, Utah.
Pace: An easy 6 hours of driving.
Rations: We survived off the hotel breakfast all the way until Lehi. Woohoo!

We arrived in Lehi on Saturday afternoon and honestly I can't remember a thing about our drive from Laramie. I think maybe we stopped at a rest area? And I learned how to use the engine brakes on those hills from Park City into SLC? I really don't recall. Everything has blended together.

I can't believe it took us 5 days/4 nights to drive from New York to Utah. That seems so much longer than 4 days/3 nights. But we got by with only one night in a hotel, which was nice. One benefit of moving so much is that you meet people who end up all over the country (and world) so you always have a friend just off the highway.

Looking back, I think our trip went really super well until we left Nauvoo. After that, there was the wrong turn into Missouri, and then the detour, and then the detour-detour, and meanwhile Nebraska and Wyoming were still stretched out wide in front of us. It was daunting, and we never did get in a solid 14-hour day to cut the trip down a bit.

We still have some driving to do - we will head up to Idaho for a few days soon. Then we still need to drive up to Portland to visit my family and catch our flight to Dubai. Let's hope the memory of 38-something hours of driving has faded somewhat by the time we take those road trips.

Lastly, I would like to state for the record that I personally drove 36 of those hours mentioned above. But. Jeremy had to take care of the kids while I did it so really, I think he had the harder job.

That is all.

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