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And then there was light. Well, almost.

I think I mentioned before that we live in the newest block of faculty housing at the university, so things are a little rough around the edges. For example, we didn't have a dining room table until last night, and even now it's still just a temporary dining room table until our real (better? I don't know) one gets here. I really don't mind waiting for new, free stuff to be delivered to me. I'm generous like that.

This afternoon, I looked out our upstairs window and saw this:

In case you can't tell, that's "the workers" (as the girls call them) putting in lampposts. Not the actual lamp part of the post, mind you, just the post itself. The lamp part is somebody else's job, as is, apparently, fixing the sidewalk bricks that were dislodged in the process. As well as cleaning up the plastic tarp coverings that were on the lamppost holes before the lampposts were there, and which are now blowing up and down our street.

But this is definitely progress. Now please let the next improvement be grass, even though my girls think they're in heaven with a backyard-sized sandbox:


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