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In Oman

I've decided that everything sounds more adventurous and macho when you tack on "in Oman" at the end.

All of these examples come from the last couple of days.

We filled our car up with gas...IN OMAN.

We camped in the mountains...IN OMAN.

Magdalena learned to go "potty" in the great outdoors...IN OMAN.

We got lost driving around late at night in some town in the boondocks...IN OMAN.

The girls (and OK, us too) wore the same clothes for three days straight...IN OMAN.

We went swimming in a giant sinkhole...IN OMAN.

We had a cookout on the beach...IN OMAN.

We drove off-road through a wadi...IN OMAN.

You get the idea. More details tomorrow.

At world's end

We have a library!