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Prayers for Megan

A little boy I used to babysit when I was a teenager grew up and got married. After a few years, his wife became pregnant with their first baby. When the time came, she went into the hospital to deliver. During the course of labor (after an entirely normal pregnancy), she was diagnosed with leukemia. Immediately after the birth of her baby girl, she was taken in to get the care she needed.

This happened back in July. I have been following their story via Facebook and the website they set up. It has been so full of ups and downs but for a while there, it seemed to be mostly ups.

Now, however, Ryan and Megan (and their baby Rylee) are in the middle of a very big down. You can read their story here (click on The Story for the beginning; Journal for the blog entries). Please pray for them.

Driving in Dubai

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