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Still potty training

I spoke too soon. Since her miracle unchi on the potty at IKEA, Magdalena has yet to repeat said feat. I've been cleaning up yucky messes once or twice a day, every day. Let me tell you, it doesn't take long for that to get old and the worst part is that it's grosser than changing a diaper. She had all these accidents despite my CONSTANT VIGILANCE. One day I was monitoring her very closely because I could read the signs that a BM was on its way. But for one moment I ran upstairs to get something and I wasn't even halfway up before I heard Magdalena tell me she'd had an accident in her panties. So frustrating.

This morning, however, we had a small success. Magdalena went upstairs to get dressed and when I went up to check on her there was a little surprise on the (tile! thank goodness it's tile!) bedroom floor. BUT. She finished on the potty. So there was much rejoicing.

And wow, am I ever eating my words when it comes to nighttime training. With Miriam I thought it would be cruel to send a mixed message that it wasn't OK to wet yourself during the day but at night (in a diaper) it was just fine. And I still agree with that in principle. Miriam did very well with night-training, perhaps even better than she did with the daytime stuff (because I think her main problem was that she has a little too much bladder control).

But with Magdalena, I have broken down and put her in a diaper for nighttime. Sometimes she wakes up dry and sometimes she doesn't. I just can't deal with wet sheets in the middle of the night, not when both girls are barely sleeping through the night again (as of last night, for the first time in a couple of weeks). At first I bought a package of Pull-Ups even though I fully realize that they are nothing more than really expensive diapers. But the other day at the store I noticed some diapers that are the pull-up style but they are still called diapers, so they are about a third of the cost. Jackpot! I don't know if they exist anywhere else but I was so happy to see them here.

Magdalena insists they are not diapers so we call them Special Panties. We've even got Miriam on board calling them that, but it took some convincing by Magdalena. Later Miriam asked me, "but they're really diapers, right?" Yes, Miriam. Yes they are.

I'll leave you with two subject-appropriate pictures that I took at a regional church meeting yesterday. The meeting was held in a hotel ballroom (but it wasn't a ball) and I took one look at the restroom men/women icons and knew I had to get a picture. The problem is, the pictures were located on the doors themselves. I knew that as I aimed the camera to get the shot, I would run the risk of having a restroom patron open the door right then and there and see me doing so. It was a big risk. But I took it. And unfortunately, I failed. The pictures are blurry. Sorry. But perhaps you can tell that the men's bathroom sported an icon of a man in keffiye and golubiyye:

and the women's icon is wearing full niqab and abaya:

It's totally clear, right? Right? Sorry.

O man.

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