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Childhood baby name favorites

When I was a kid I used to read the old baby name book my parents had on the bookshelf. As in, sit down and read every single page. At one point I went through the whole book and typed up a list on the computer of all my favorite boy and girl names. Now, lest the above-mentioned fact make you think I was older than about 10, let me tell you that my family had a computer in our home almost as far back as I can remember. So this wasn't as recent as it sounds. I swear.

In sixth grade, I wrote a story and I saved for last the very best part: naming all the characters. I turned to my trusty little names list (which I had updated and culled from time to time) and started plugging them in to the story with wild abandon. I wish I wish I had that story (or the original name list!) now so I could give you a really juicy blog post. Instead, I'll dredge up a few of the old favorite names I remember for no other reason than because it will be fun and it's the week before Christmas and I'm not entirely sure anyone out there is reading blogs these days anyway. Jeremy gets all of a half-day on Thursday off so things haven't slowed down here quite so much in honor of the season.

Ahem. Here are some of the names I loved as a kid. Needless to say, thank goodness my taste grew up a little before I started having my own kids.

Persephone. Never mind the fact that for a while there, in my little mind I pronounced it "PER-suh-phone." Just never mind.

Pandora. Uh, I may or may not have had a thing for Greek mythology when I was seven, ok? Actually, I am still sad this can't be a viable name. It's very pretty and maybe someday it will be associated more with free streaming music instead of a certain box filled with evils. We can all hope.

Zinnia. For sure this was one of the names of the characters in my little story.

Orion. See, my plan was, you name a boy Orion and then if it's too weird you just call him Rian. See? SEE??

Diamond. This must have been after watching too many episodes of American Gladiators.

Ariana. The little girl in Jurassic Park was named this (or maybe the actress was) and thank goodness the government doesn't allow you to legally change your name when you're eleven years old or this would have been IT.

Vincent. OK, I confess, I still kind of like this one even as I recognize its ridiculousness.

Isadora. I think this was another one of the characters in my story. Not too bad, really, when you think about it.

Jorinda and Jorindel. These were names I got from some fairy tale or other. Now, I think these are two of the most awkward-sounding names EVER. But the fairy tale was good.

Lucretia. This name sounds like it means something else. It shares a few too many sounds with certain other unpleasant words.

By the way, no, I'm not pregnant and don't make me write a post about the PregnancyWatch that descends upon Mormon wives the minute their youngest child gets to be about one year old.

What are some of the more ridiculous baby names you've entertained?

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