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In case you need a laugh

Sometimes you just need a funny video to laugh at. It would be cruel not to share these.

Double Dream Hands. I love love love this video. Everything about it. The outfit, the enthusiasm, the cheesy dance moves. My favorite part is when his head moves around all crazy at the end. I've re-watched that part about a dozen times and I still can't do it myself. I saw this on my friend Lili's FB page and I am forever indebted to her. Now I just need to check YouTube every day for the video of the flashmob doing this dance that is sure to surface anytime. I can't wait!

SNL Black Friday spoof. Everyone was talking about this a few weeks ago (you know, on Black Friday) but we can't get Hulu here so I missed out. Then my brother dug up this link for me on YouTube. Thanks!

SNL TSA spoof. Mwahahahahaha.

OK, this isn't a video, just a link, but it did make me laugh for a good long while. It's a David Pogue blog post about "Amazon bombing." Like photo bombing, but on Amazon via their user reviews. I had enjoyed the reviews and user-submitted photos for the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk a few months ago. I had no idea there were so many others out there!

Happy weekend!

Double Dream Hands!

Flashback Friday: Casino Royale, Alaska style