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2010 Book Stats

Here are some interesting (?) stats about the books I read in 2010.

The books I read in 2010 were:

62% fiction.

38% non-fiction (obviously).

Furthermore, 67% of the fiction was Young Adult.

On the whole, 42% of all the books I read were Young Adult.

22% of the books were non-first-time reads.

14% of this year's reading list were books that Jeremy also read this year.

I also (nerd alert!) made a chart to show my reading patterns over the year. I didn't take too much time to finesse it, but you get the idea.

The times I read the most books were when Jeremy was out of town or when we were staying with family members who tended to the basic needs of my small children on my behalf. It occurred to me the other day that perhaps these family members think I always ignore my kids to read. The truth is that I only ignore my kids to read when said family members are around to fill the void created by my absence.

(OK, it is possible that there are other times I ignore my kids to read, especially if reading a book at the park while the girls play counts as "ignoring." Does it?)

The reality of reading while also being a mom is more like this:

That's me, my mouth full of gingerbread cookie, reading Nothing to Envy in the kitchen while I wait eight minutes for the oven timer to go off for the next batch. The kids are in the dining room, busy eating their gingerbread cookies. Thanks for catching me by surprise when taking this picture, Jeremy.

Sometimes I feel bad that I get to read more books than Jeremy. It is the blessing and curse of being a SAHM, I suppose. On the one hand, I have resigned myself to catching a few pages in between sibling spats and "mom, I need help wiping!" moments. On the other hand, reading books is my way of continuing to learn new things, stretching my mind, and engaging with the world.

2010 Stats

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