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A perfect storm (of kids fussing)

A couple of weeks ago, I was so sick that it was all I could do to lie on the floor and hope that the girls would ignore me and get to playing nicely so I could wallow in misery. Of course that's not what happened. Moms NEVER get a sick day.

Before I knew it, Magdalena had "stolen" a coloring page of dubious origin that ostensibly belonged to Miriam. That might not have been such a big deal except that Miriam was super overtired and ready for something to wail dramatically about. The stolen coloring page fit the bill quite nicely.

(PS, "Majd" is our nickname for Magdalena.)

When I took this video (clandestinely), I expected it to be a portrait of what a "sick day" (hahahahahahahahaha) for a mom looked like. But I think it illustrates a few other principles, namely:

1. The sheer ability of a second child to just NOT. CARE.

2. The faith of a two-year-old that a blankie can solve any problem.

3. The state of dishevelment your kids reach when you are unable to dress them and comb their hair.

4. The temerity a mom can sometimes have to laugh at her kids saying hilarious things in their tiny anger (I lost it at the "you're going to give it to me, or I'm going to take it" line and you can hear me try to stifle my laughter).

5. The way a kid can get reeeeeeeally worked up about something small if she puts her mind to it.

And finally,

6. The absolute importance of hugs. I can manage that. Even when I'm sick.

(No, not pregnant sick, just the regular kind. Thanks.)

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