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March 18th, outsourced

I wrote this post about Reviving Bridget before reading this article about Clarissa Explains It All. I think they complement each other nicely.

Even The Atlantic loves Katniss Everdeen.

Here's an example of how posting on Facebook during class can go terribly, hilariously wrong.

This might be one of those videos that everyone has seen but me, but it's certainly worth a re-watch: slow motion sneezing. Ewwwww.

Best billboard vandalism EVER. Mwahahahahaha.

Strangely, I appreciated some of the points made in this original article just as much as I appreciated some of the points made in this snarky takedown of the original article.

Have you ever noticed all the effort that goes into Date Night preparations once you have kids? To this video (made by the Mompetition lady), I say, AMEN.

(Literal) School shopping, THE END