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The Hunger Games cast

Apparently they cast a bunch of parts in The Hunger Games movie? And I missed it? I'm sad because now I can't propose my own ideas of actors that would fit the various roles, but whatever.

We've got Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.
Honestly, she looks very different from the Katniss in my head. I've never seen any of her movies, either, so I have no idea if she at least fits the attitude of the Katniss in my head. I'll just have to wait and see how she does.

Then there's Josh Hutcherson as Peeta.
Well, ok. Maybe they can dye his hair? And maybe he will grow up a little between now and when the movie comes out? Maybe?

Liam Hensworth as Gale.
I hope I hope I hope he's not as Channing Tatum-y as he looks.

Haymitch and President Snow remain un-cast, as far as I can tell, but Effie Trinket is none other than the lovely Elizabeth Banks.
She is fabulous.

It's going to be interesting to see how this movie turns out in areas other than the casting of the principal characters. I'm wondering how they're going to keep it PG-13. At least I'm assuming it's going to be PG-13.

Also, how will the actors - especially Katniss - convey to the audience in the movie theater the complicated layers of plot elements like "I am pretending to be in love with Peeta, but I am actually not, and while I must convince the Capitol's Hunger Games audience with my performance, I must also be able to use said performance to reveal to you, movie theater audience, that this is not how I really feel." GOOD LUCK.

What did The Hunger Games kids look like to you as you read the books? Are you disappointed or thrilled with the casting decisions? Or do you not care?

For my part, I'm rooting for Daniel Craig as President Snow.
Am I right or am I right??

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