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Censoring @ H&M?

First, here's a video I forgot to put in to yesterday's post about Jeremy's birthday. It's a song and interview with Miriam and Magdalena about Dad. Nothing spectacularly cute or hilarious happened, but it's worth a viewing.

Now then. I was at H&M yesterday and noticed for NOT the first time that the models in the posters around the store are always wearing these mysterious white bodysuit cover-up things. I finally worked up the courage to snap a clandestine photo or two. Take a look:

What do you think? Is the lady in the lower picture, farthest left poster really wearing a pink cover-up over a bikini over a white bodysuit? Is the lady in the yellow striped dress showing off her beautifully covered up leg?

Or is this some UAE flesh sensitivity as implemented by the local managers of H&M by means of Photoshop?


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