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Halloween 2011 @ Sharjah

We had another fun Halloween in the UAE this year. I felt like the UAE got a little more into it this year. For starters, while there were still super expensive pumpkins available, there were also these gems for only 15 dhs ($4) each! I couldn't believe my I took a picture.

Magdalena was faithful to her Rapunzel costume idea all the way up until the day before Halloween, at which point she decided to be a kitty. Miriam drew the whiskers on for her.

Miriam has wanted to be a pirate for Halloween for months now. That's how you know your kids are growing up - when they choose something and then stick to it. We assembled this costume out of things we already had, except the sword, which Miriam designed and then fashioned (with help from Dad) out of cardboard, duct tape, and twine.

The rule about Halloween on campus at AUS is that you can only knock on doors where the porch lights are on and Halloween decorations (or a simple Trick or Treat sign the university sent out by email) are displayed. Just like in the US, some families here aren't too keen on Halloween. It's unfortunate that the divide here is sometimes perceived as falling along religious lines. I feel like we got the stink-eye from a couple of Miriam's Muslim friends as we heathen Christians walked by in our costumes. But maybe it was the stink-eye of envy, who knows? There were Muslims who got plenty into it as well, so like I said, it's really no different than in the US. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people feel that it goes against their principles, religious or otherwise. Whatever.

Halloween was definitely a success, anyway, and now begins the part where my kids beg me for candy all day, every day, until it's gone. The worst/best part is that I'm not eating any of it. Sigh. Maybe I'll tuck away a Bounty or two to enjoy on January 1st.

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