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Rest, at last

As per Matthew's suggestion (in my post about hacking up NyQuil pills), I got myself to the pharmacy last night and procured some Toplexil. The description of its intended use said it was for dry, itchy coughs that persist especially at nighttime. Folks, that is ME. So I took some last night and had the best night's sleep since November 4th (before the onset of The Cough).

The night before, I had tried the Dextrolag I got from the doctor. It was ok, I guess. The taste of it was appalling, though. They love their medicinal syrups here, which works for me since I hate taking pills, but the color, aroma, and flavor of Dextrolag is exactly like that ghastly pink soap you only find in freeway rest area bathrooms.

So not only is Toplexil more effective for my purposes, but it tastes about a million times better. Like crème caramel, in fact. I found myself thinking about how good it tasted today and then I was immediately worried that I would slowly turn into Lily Bart from The House of Mirth. If you hear me arguing with myself about whether or not to have another sip of tincture of laudanum (or whatever it was), BE CONCERNED.


Hazardous working conditions

The yellows, rescued