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Weather forecast: sand

I posted this on FB a few weeks ago, but it's true again this week. Here's what the weather (and driving) in Dubai is like today:

Well, not quite, of course. We were advised back in December that such weather conditions are extremely unlikely in Dubai. I can't believe that movie lied to us!

But it is pretty sandy. You go outside and it's kind of just...yellow. There's not always sand blowing directly in your face, but it's also not pleasant to be out of doors.

Also, it hasn't rained at all this winter, except for maybe once (and we were in Oman that day). I've only been through two winters in the UAE so I don't know which year was more typical: 2011, when it rained almost every day for a 10-day stretch, and off and on throughout the rest of the season; or this year, when it has been dry dry dry.

I do wish it would rain, for more than just the usual reasons. I think it would go a long way toward clearing the air of this horrible sand! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

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