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At the bottom of my garden...

Magdalena's KG1 end-of-year concert was called "At the Bottom of my Garden." British much? One of the main songs was this one ("Wiggly Woo"):

Even if you stripped away the tune and the accent of the lady singing it, I think you'd be able to tell that this song is British-y. It was adorable to hear Magdalena sing it, and the other songs from the concert. All the little kids were dressed up as garden creatures (there is a class of insects called "minibeasts," did you know that? Is that British or is it everywhere and I had just never heard it?). Magdalena was the sun. Check it out.
I guess it was the natural casting choice, considering the color of her hair. The real challenge beforehand was finding the yellow shirt and pants for the costume (I was only responsible for the shirt and pants - the school did the rest). I found the shirt easily enough at H&M - in a two-pack, for something like 25 dhs, no less - but yellow pants? Hard to find. I looked in a few different stores and just as I was leaving Splash/Centrepointe (can't remember which one or even if that's how you spell Centrepointe), I saw these neon yellow girls' bicycle shorts, size 12. For 8 dhs. I bought them and they fit! Well enough, anyway!

The entire concert was so well done. Each of the kids got a chance to sing in a small group, and they did some songs in Arabic, too. The entire thing was over and done with in 20 minutes, which is just the right length for this age. Magdalena had such a great experience in KG1 and this concert was one of the highlights of her little life up to this point.

It's one of the highlights of my life as a mom, too, I admit.

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