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Favorites that I never read/watched again

Can something really be a "favorite" if you don't watch it or read it over and over again? I wonder. I got to thinking of Madame Bovary the other day. It's technically one of my most favorite books ever. However. I have only read it once, or possibly twice. If it was twice, it was in quick succession after the first time. In any case, that was almost 14 years ago, and I haven't read it again since. So can it still be a favorite? I think so. Though I think I should read it again to re-evaluate its position on my favorites list.

Or how about, say, Life is Beautiful. I braved the crowds at the BYU International Cinema to see this movie sometime in 1999ish. And I loved it. I remember it really well, I laugh at the memory of some scenes, and I tear up at the thought of others. And yet I haven't made a point of watching it ever again. So did I really love it, or maybe just kind of like it?

Do you have any books or movies like this, that you thought you loved but that you don't care to read/watch again? It seems that the habit of repeat readings/viewings sets certain books and movies in a higher (or maybe just different) category than those that we merely really like, or really enjoy.

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