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Movies my kids love, and don't love

It's a mystery to me which movies my kids ask to watch over and over and which of my beloved old favorites they reject out of hand after one (or not even one) viewing.

For example, The Little Mermaid. One of my childhood favorites. Miriam had a fling with it when she was two years old but neither of them will sit through it now. Sad.

See also: Up. Obviously, I didn't see this one until I was an adult, but I thought it was really good. Too bad it bores Miriam and terrifies Magdalena.

Miriam loved Wall-E beyond all reason but again, Magdalena has a strange aversion to it.

Fortunately, they both like Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, which are more favorites from my childhood.

And they love, LOVE, Cars. They could watch that movie five times a day and never be tired of it.

They also love White Fang, and I am so glad because that movie is a treasure.

More recent hits include Tangled (which we call "Rapunzel") and The Muppets.

Lately, they've also been hooked on "Laura & Mary," aka the new-ish Little House on the Prairie miniseries/movie thing. I've sat down to re-watch it with them a few times and I have to say that it has really grown on me. My favorite thing about this production is that it captures the childlike wonder of the books. The camera angles are low, from a child's point of view, and the events unfold in a way that matches a child's interpretation. The Ingalls family rolls through a remote prairie town, for example, and all the townsfolk stare them down with unfamiliar, unfriendly eyes. In real life I'm sure they were just strangers so they seemed unfamiliar and unfriendly to Laura and Mary.

Or the part where Laura finds the blue bead near the Indian camp. The movie makes it out like that bead is the most amazing, beautiful thing that Laura has ever seen. But it's just a bead, you know? But it also really IS the most amazing, beautiful thing that Laura has ever seen. The movie really stays true to the kids' vision of how things were, and I love that. It makes it so fun for my girls to watch.

What are your kids watching or not watching these days?

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