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Sugar and spice and all that's nice...NOT

I think sometimes people assume that, unlike little boys, little girls are completely uninterested in the grosser side of bodily functions. In my own experience, this is absolutely not the case. I don't have any boys so I don't have a solid benchmark to refer to, but my kids (both girls) are plenty silly about the potty and what goes in it and the different ways that our bodies make noise while expelling air. It's shocking (and hilarious) sometimes.

For example, today I was going through a stack of the kids' drawings to see what was worth saving and I came across this gem, drawn by Miriam:

Then there was the time when Magdalena was all of one year old and we had guests over and someone was saying a prayer and Miriam passed gas and Magdalena announced, loud and clear during the prayer, while we had guests over, "TOOTS!" Also, one time Magdalena burped (she burps A LOT) and she thoughtfully said, "Hmm, a toot came out of my mouth!"

Another time Miriam could not stop talking about a particular BM she had and she even went to the whiteboard and drew a picture of it. (I actually have a photo of the drawing because it ended up in the background of another picture...but don't worry, I won't post it.)

And of course, the girls are endlessly fond of replacing key words of songs with "bum" or "toot" or "burp" or "poo-poo."

And you know, at this point in their lives I don't feel the need to curtail their behavior too much. Obviously there's a time and a place for this kind of joking around. But little kids are so in tune with their bodies and so aware of the processes that go on inside of it that I'd hate to stifle their outlet for figuring it all out through jokes and games and drawings.

So if this is what little girls are like, are little boys ten times more fascinated with poo and burps and toots, as I've been led to believe? Or perhaps has Jeremy been attending too well to his duties of encouraging potty humor in his kids?

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