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May 10th, outsourced

It brings me great sadness to have to tell you that the Emirati who was so handsome that Saudi Arabia deported him...wasn't. Here's the real, totally BORING, story. [HT Shannon]

It brings me great pleasure to share with you the inevitable auto-tune of Charles Ramsey's epic interview: Dead Giveaway. I read an article in The Atlantic yesterday sniffing that we shouldn't be laughing at these videos just because dude is a poor black man. Um, I think approximately nobody is laughing at these videos for that reason. We are laughing at them because dude is AWESOME. And genuine. And great in front of a camera. [HT Scotty]

Above is our recent attempt at Vadering. The perfect activity for a certain 4.5-year-old who is obsessed with Star Wars right now (Magdalena). [HT Jessie]

The world is not without good people. I guarantee this is the most feel-good dashcam video out of Russia that you've ever seen. [HT Amanda]

Here's a sampling of what historical figures would look like today.

Also: Disney villains re-drawn as good-looking. [HT Sarah]

On a related note, Merida from Brave re-drawn as...a sexpot??? What fresh madness is this, Disney? [HT Liz]

Terrifying vintage work safety posters from The Netherlands. YIKES.

Margaret Ruth Groening's obituary. Read it to realize who she was. [HT Suzanne]

Wow, amazing photos of places that actually exist! [HT Suzanne]

I LOVE THIS: Take a book, switch the gender of the author, and design a new cover. The results are sooooo awesome. I can't choose a favorite, but maybe...Lord of the Flies? Or Stardust? [HT Steven]

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