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Airplane MovieWatch Report DXB-SEA 2013

I'm in the USA. First things first: the movies I watched on the 15-hour flight.

The rest of The Imposter. I started this on the way home from Germany a few months ago so I was glad to get to finish it. Crazy story.

The first 25 minutes of Side Effects, until, improbably, my finger brushed the screen and skipped the film forward to the exact moment when the twist was revealed. Seriously, it landed at a scene where the dialogue went something like, "so, character whose true nature has just been discovered, can you explain to me more about how you carried out the events that form the central mystery of this movie, beyond this main element of it, which I have just succinctly described?" It was uncanny. After that, there was no point to watching the movie, so I switched to something else.

That something else being Safe Haven. I only ever watch movies like this on airplanes. It was pretty standard. I continue to not really like movies like this. Which is why I only ever watch them on airplanes.

The first 15 minutes of Beautiful Creatures. Not for me.

The entirety of the German-language film Lore. Note to self: maybe don't watch foreign films on airplanes. It was...good, I guess, but there were a lot of cuts (edits?) and that, plus the constant interruptions from my kids and travel fatigue made this one slightly incomprehensible.

The first 30 minutes of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Too much going on. I couldn't handle it on a small screen in a cramped space.

Most of the 1996 Romeo + Juliet. I looooooooooved this movie as a teenager, but I haven't seen it since. Still like it.

With my increasingly waning attention span, I turned to TV and watched the first episode of Elementary. It was better than I expected. Jonny Lee Miller (aka Edmund from Mansfield Park) is a gem.

I was about to start the 1972 version of The Poseidon Adventure but I stopped myself because therein lies madness.

I'm still getting used to the time zone so I'm not getting enough eating of favorite American delicacies in. I know you're all excited to hear MORE of my thoughts on food since I don't blog about it enough. Yeah, that's it.

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