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First public outing

Sterling and I made our first public outing on Thursday, five days post-partum. It wasn't entirely by choice - graduation gown fittings were only being held last week so I waited until the last day and then went. Nothing like going out in public and being measured five days after giving birth! (Fortunately, it was really only a vertical measurement so nothing much should change by graduation in a few months.)

As we walked on campus, I found myself oddly grateful to Kate Middleton. When she introduced her baby to the world the day after his birth (God bless her forever - don't know how she did it!), she also showed the world what a very recent post-partum body looks like. Which is to say, it still looks pregnant. I still have quite a bit of a tummy, and I caught a few odd glances from students who might have been thinking that I was somehow four months pregnant, yet holding a newborn.

But I like to think that other people saw me and then remembered Princess Kate and her tummy and thought, "oh yes, that is perfectly normal." Let's hope so.


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