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Kirk Gibson and quicksand

or Two Things from Childhood

1. My brother Blair reminded me in an email this morning that today is the 25th anniversary of Kirk Gibson's famous home run. You can watch it here. I have no first-hand memory of this but apparently my other brother (Daniel) considers it one of the highlights of his life. I don't even like baseball but I did enjoy watching that video. For the excitement of how it plays out, yes, but also because HELLO LATE 1980s. The hair, the clothes, the exuberant fist-pump thing he does as he's circling the bases - yes, even the way we fist-pump has changed. Enjoy the look back at baseball and 1988. I know I did.

2. I was listening to Radio Lab's short about quicksand and it got me thinking - quicksand was totally a big part of my childhood. Was it a big part of yours? I remember having conversations with my siblings about what to do if you got caught in quicksand, and pretending there was quicksand somewhere in the backyard, or trying to make quicksand, etc. These days, the kids don't even hardly know what quicksand IS. The podcast gives some interesting explanations for why this might be. I might need to make a point of educating my kids about the dangers of quicksand and making sure it takes its proper place in their imaginary play schemas. I suggest you do the same.

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