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Having a child now is different from five years ago (stuff edition)

A few people (Cait, Jennifer, and Eevi, at least) have asked how having a kid now is different than it was 5+ years ago when Magdalena was born. Today I'll write about the "stuff" that's different - baby gear, etc. Another time I'll write about how parenting itself is different for me.

There is no way I have even encountered all the differences out there, by the way. This is what I've come across so far.

The wrap. I used a sling with my other two kids. I remember wraps being out there, but I had no idea of them being as simple as I have now realized they are. They certainly weren't as common as they are now.

Onesies (the plain, Gerber kind) only have two snaps at the crotch now, instead of three. Considering that I spend what feels like a third of my life undoing or doing up snaps on baby clothes, this is a great innovation. Because seriously, what is with all the snaps?!?

The Woombie. Of course I bought a new one for this baby. And wow, is it ever an improved product. The neckline is more durable and it's a snap closure (see above - never. ending. snaps.) instead of velcro now. Plus, they added a second zipper so you can zip up from the bottom for nighttime diaper changes instead of taking the baby all the way out. Brilliant. I love Woombie more than ever.

Diapers have a fancy-schmancy wetness indicator stripe on them now. At least the ones I get here do. Again, I vaguely remember some diapers having this feature five years ago, but this is the first time my kid has worn such fine nappies.

Swaddling blankets finally exist. For Sterling, my friend Yvonne and my MIL each gave me some large, thin (muslin?), square blankets meant for swaddling. The best I could get back in the day (at least store-bought) were those tiny Carter's receiving blankets.

Strollers are fancier than ever. Around here, I don't see the combo-strollers so much, where the carseat snaps into the frame. Maybe that's because a lot of people don't put their babies in carseats here. Instead, it's all about Quinnies and Bugaboos and I know not what else.

Galactagogues. There are actual products out there now for helping to increase or sustain milk production. A friend of my neighbor makes Mommy Moosli. I can't wait to try it when my order comes.

I'm sure there are more. In fact, I know there are. When I was in the US, I took a brief trip down the baby gear aisle at Target and it was full of new things I hadn't seen before. It's nice to have little things that make life with a baby easier, even if I do feel a little bit like a first-time mom all over again.

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