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Here's why I didn't blog yesterday

As of yesterday, my thesis is out of my hands and with my committee. So Jeremy and I decided to make yesterday our Anniversary (Observed). The actual day was on the 20th, but Jeremy - for the third year running - had a conference that day in Al Ain. Yesterday was the best we could do.

Now, don't get any wild ideas about us celebrating our 12th in style. While it was nice to get married in the middle of a semester back in the day, rather than a school break like most everyone else at the BY, that means that our anniversary always falls during, you know, the middle of the semester. Our plan for last night was to watch the newest episode of The Amazing Race while eating mint chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins. We aimed very low with our anniversary plans (don't worry, it was gladly done). And we still missed the mark.

Sterling cried and cried all the early evening. I finally took him up to the bath because it's the only thing that will sometimes calm him down. While I was bathing him, I told the girls to get ready for bed. Jeremy got caught up in finishing up some gardening outside, and by the time I was finished getting Sterling all clean, dried, and jammied, the girls were still running somewhat amok and Jeremy was elbow-deep in dirt outside. So I had a screaming baby and two girls who weren't ready for bed and no one had prepared the show on the computer, which takes time because VPN/finicky website. Not really conducive to the mood of celebration.

Finally everyone got settled down. We got the show queued up and got our ice cream ready to eat. But in all the earlier jostling trying to get Sterling rocked into calmness, the wireless router had fallen off its perch. Now the show kept stopping and starting as the internet came in and out. Instead of kicking back and watching an episode while eating ice cream, we sat in peevish silence trying to troubleshoot the internet as our ice cream melted into puddles in our mugs.

In the end, the ice cream got eaten, the show got watched, and Sterling went to sleep. It wasn't really the anniversary we deserved, but it's the one we get right now. And I didn't feel like blogging afterward.

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