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December 13th, outsourced

I'm pretty sure South African sign language and ASL are not identical, but here is an ASL interpreter trying to decipher what that guy at Nelson Mandela's memorial was signing. [HT Andrew]

Maybe they should have just hired this little girl (possibly my favorite video this week).

Extreme see-sawing. Wow. [HT Andrew]

The Atlantic's year in photos, parts 1, 2, and 3 (a few of the photos are graphic).

I didn't watch The Sound of Music Live, but I sure did laugh and laugh reading this recap.

Here is a faux-PSA from the faux-80s, featuring Mr. T. [HT Blair]

If the increasing use of the informal 'you' forms in several languages is any indication, we are all friends now. [HT Jeremy]

YouTube's 2013 Rewind.

Take a tour of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, why don't you?

This is the best baby-name read I've had in a while. What is with those post-1940s Adolphs? [HT Lillianne]

Another due date

The Ministry strikes again