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December 20th, outsourced

This is a little involved, but stay with it. I think it's hilarious - Paul Rudd's long-running (like YEARS long) joke on Conan. Also, how hilarious is that movie clip? [HT Bryce]

My new favorite meme: the elderly little girl. [HT Shawn]

Festive AND somewhat terrifying: an aluminum-cased anthill. [HT Jen]

I know this is a Coke ad, but I still kinda loved it. My favorite part is the subtle change in the guy's expression at 0.41 - 0.51.

I had wondered how the Four Seasons in Damascus was doing. It is (or was, when we were there, even in its not-quite-completed state) one of the most prominent buildings in central Damascus. The place I worked was about 100m down the street. Turns out they still have a spa going there while shelling happens nearby. Bizarre.

Psst - this story about a man emerging from a bunker 14 years after Y2K isn't true. But let's just pretend that it is (listen to the audio). [HT Jessie]

I know this is from a few years ago, but it's Christmas so let's take another look at those guys and their crazy made-up shopping lists.

The reality of stampedes. Chilling.

Aside from the almost unbelievable concentration of high-end luxury automobiles on the campus of the American University of Dubai, my favorite part of this post is that so many of them are parked illegally (on red-bricked sidewalk or buffer areas). [HT Mariko]

An airport security screener shows off his ninja skills by diving to catch a falling baby. Love.

The tale of the German mayor of a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

Christmas caroling with Amy Poehler in NYC. Arrow??!? [HT Jessie]

The secret room at the mall

Thesis defended!