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Target gender?

My new favorite store is Hamley's. Do they play their Christmas music too loud? Yes. Is it a little weird that their employees dress up like elves at Christmastime? Yes. But bless them, they had everything I needed for the girls for Christmas, with decent prices, and they gift-wrapped it all to boot.

However, I noticed that there were some areas of the store that were labeled "Boys" and others that were "Girls." I'm not a fan of this kind of label. If my daughters want to play with dinosaurs and cars (and they do), then far be it from a label on a shelf at a toy store to tell them that they can't, because they're girls. I even saw sets of blocks that were labeled "boys" and "girls." The girl blocks were pink/purple/etc. What?

I noticed the same thing on Amazon yesterday. I was looking at a portable crib (does anyone have experience with the Lotus Everywhere Crib?) and I saw this:

So "target gender" is a thing now, huh? Did we learn nothing from the Easy Bake Oven thing?

Anyway, I got everything I needed at Hamley's, like I said. Even if I did have to venture into the "Boys" section to do it.

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