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In love with The Lower Lights

Now that Christmas music listening season is over, I've found myself feeling a void in my life. I didn't feel quite like jumping into all the old standbys today, not just yet. I needed to ease into it. And I thought, why not take a look at The Lower Lights' regular, non-Christmas music?

You see, last year, we bought The Lower Lights' first Christmas album (Come Let Us Adore Him) and it was just beautiful. So this year, we bought their Sing Noel and I loved it even more. I listened to it at the expense of almost all our other Christmas music. So I had high hopes for their non-Christmas music...

...and they were not disappointed! I am in love with these two albums already - A Hymn Revival 1, and A Hymn Revival 2. You guys, just have a little listen of We Are All Enlisted and tell me you don't break into the goofiest grin. I sure did. I'm so happy to have some great new music to listen to. Many of the songs come from the Mormon tradition, but these are not your staid 4-part harmonies.

I found this embedded player on their website. I hope it works so you can sample some of the beauty, and then go buy it for yourself.

(Forgive me if this music is already insanely popular in the US and I am just horribly out of touch.)

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