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January 24th, outsourced

Those of you who follow (or followed) figure skating will be interested in this run-down of nine figure skating scandals from years past.

That dialect survey will never die. And it was the NYT's most popular article for 2013 despite having been present on their website for only 11 days of 2013.

Life as a female journalist. [HT Andrew]

I'm never sure if non-academics can access The Chronicle, but just in case: The Odds are Never in Your Favor (on the post-PhD job market). [HT Andrew]

I'm sure you've seen this going around: a contemporary dance tutorial. I thought it was hilarious (if slightly irreverent). Jeremy wasn't a fan. [HT Katie]

Would you like to see a world map of vaccine-preventable outbreaks? Just in case that article about being a female journalist didn't outrage you enough, you know?

Let It Go in 25 languages!!!!!! Love. [HT Andrew - you were on fire this week!]

Oh my gosh, before I even read this, I had been thinking that Do You Want to Build a Snowman was so pretty and it was underused in Frozen. Of course someone more talented was out there, remedying the situation. Lovely! [HT yep, Andrew]


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